Apache Tribe

By: Irina Appel

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Region of Texas in which they lived in ?

They lived in Arizona at one time then they moved to Eastern Texas which is in the coastal plains.

Type of food they ate ?

They did not grow food they were hunters they killed deer,rabbits. Women gathered berries,nuts,corn and other fruits.

How was there food obtained ?

They were hunters and the women were gathers.

Type of dwelling they lived in ?

They lived in tepees , because they moved about every month or Three weeks why they lived in teppees is because they were easy to build and they could make one in about 15 minutes.

Weapons and tools they used ?

They used bow and arrows and they had a war club which is it helps your shot the bow correctly.

Special traditions they had and/region ?

One of there traditions is the sunrise dance.

Organization of leadership ?

How to become a leader is you have to learn at a very young age about the tribe the weapons and how to become trusted.

Where are they located now or what became them ?

They are located right now bye the Rio Grandae river now they live on a reservation in New Mexico.

Unique Fact or characteristic ?

Apache men were trained for combat at a very young age to prepare them for a warrior or a hunter.