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TopGolf Allen Idol

Karaoke at TopGolf, Allen presents TopGolf Idol

We will be kicking off a Karaoke Idol contest every Monday in August! We will host 3 karaoke contest each Monday starting Aug. 5, 2013. One winner will be picked from each night to compete for the title and win the grand prize of $100 CASH! Each nightly winner will receive a TopGolf T-shirt! Three lucky winner will compete on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013 for the Grand prize. EACH winner will receive prizes!

August 26th Finale Prizes are as follows:

1st place $100 Cash

2nd place $50 TopGolf gift card

3rd place $25 TopGolf gift card

All Participants will also receive a "goody" bag filled with TopGolf items!


  1. This is a solo act. No Duets or groups! You can only enter the contest once per night. The top scorer of the qualifying rounds move to the final round.
  2. Qualifying rounds will be held on Monday nights starting Aug. 5th, 12th & 19th with the final round on Aug. 26th, 2013.
  3. There must be at least 4 contestants to a qualifying round to take place and be valid.
  4. There can not be more than 10 contestants to a qualifying round per night, Because of time restraints of 5 minute songs for each performer.
  5. Entries are taken in the order that they are received and any more than 10 will have to wait until the following Monday.
  6. Entries for the contest will be accepted as received. You will not be able to change your song on the entry form once submitted. No personal CDG's will be accepted. Songs must be chosen from the Gryffon Entertainment Songbook or database.
  7. Contestants may sing any genre of music to their liking. You may sing the same song in a qualifying round but not in the final. First come first served for songs in final!
  8. Registered contestants names will be drawn to determine performance line up.
  9. Once you have won a qualifying round you may only participate in the final round. If you did not win the qualifying round you are more than welcome to come compete again.

Contestant Qualifications:

  • You must be 18 years of age to compete.
  • You must register with the KJ/DJ at the booth.
  • Employees of TopGolf will not be allowed to compete.
  • Relatives (immediate family) of the judges panel or TopGolf employees will not be allowed to compete.
  • Other Karaoke Hosts are not allowed to compete as well.
  • Professional singers not allowed to compete (if your in a band, this means YOU)

Judges and Judging Guidelines for competition:

  • Judges are picked by Gryffon Ent. Karaoke and may vary.
  • Three judges will be judging all qualifying rounds, but not the finals.
  • Finals will be judged by audience participation through tickets obtained by the bar. For every item you purchase you will be awarded a voting ticket.
  • Judges will score each performer on a 1-10 point scale for each category below. 1 being the lowest possible score, 10 being the highest.
  • Disputes will be handled by a 4th non-scoring Judge should there be a dispute between judges and is final.

Judges will judge each performer in the following categories:

Vocal ability. Did the contestant sing on key?

Audience interaction. Did the singer sing to their audience? Was the singer able to get their audience into their performance?

Song Knowledge and timing. Was the singer glued to the lyrics monitor? Were the lyrics sung correctly or at the right time?

Stage presence. Is the singer comfortable performing, did they move, dance, etc?

Scoring sheets are destroyed after each contestant and are not for public view and will not be released under any circumstances.


Karaoke Idol TopGolf Allen

Monday, Aug. 12th, 10pm-12am

1500 Andrews Parkway

Allen, TX

Dates and Times!

Aug. 5th Karaoke starts at 7pm, CONTEST starts at 10!

Aug. 12th Karaoke starts at 8pm, CONTEST starts at 10!

Aug. 19th Karaoke starts at 8pm, CONTEST starts at 10!

Aug. 26th Karaoke starts at 8pm, CONTEST starts at 10!

Please be registered the day of qualifying round no later than 9:45pm! NO ACCEPTIONS!

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