Schwartz's Shoutouts!

Week of August 18th

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled to have your child in my class this year and could not be more excited to get started tomorrow!

At the beginning of each week I will send you a newsletter letting you know of what our week will look like, homework for the week, and any important dates coming up. You can also find this newsletter on our classroom website.

I look forward to a great first week and to a wonderful year!


Victoria Schwartz

Our Week At a Glance

Tuesday- Lots of getting to know you activities and learning the procedures for the classroom and school.

Wednesday- Team building exercises, Ipad setup day (see info about Ipads below), and the beginning of our digital citizenship lessons.

Thursday- Learning who we are as readers and writers, fun math games and activities, and more digital citizenship

Friday- Learning who we are as readers and writers, fun math games and activities, and more digital citizenship


Tuesday- Work on your Me Box -- due on Thursday (must have 5 items)

Wednesday- Work on your Me Box -- due on tomorrow (must have 5 items)

Thursday- Bring your favorite book to school tomorrow

Friday- Have a great weekend!

Reminders and Dates

Supplies/Paperwork- Don't forget to send in school supplies and any filled out paperwork tomorrow.

Students will receive Ipads on Wednesday, but we will keep them at school until we've learned some digital citizenship, how to handle the Ipad, Ipad rules and Ipad responsibilities. I will let you know in advance when students will begin bringing Ipads home.

Homework- For right now students will have a homework sheet in their green folder that says their homework for the night. Eventually they will keep track of their homework on their Ipad. Their homework sheet will also show their behavior for that day.

Green Folders- Please send the green folder back to to school each day so we can put any important papers in them to send home.


Monday, August 24th: Curriculum Night - 6:30 at Spearman

During curriculum night I will go over a lot of important information about third grade and our classroom. I look forward to seeing you there!