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Upcycling Halloween into Thanksgiving!

Hey Folks,

You know me, always thrilled when I can #upcycle. This week I'm gonna give you a few fun and clever ways to upcycle spooky Halloween tricks and treats into gracious Thanksgiving decor and even a festive dessert. Give this #QueenofReinvention a few moments of your time this week and I'll point you in the right direction to get started with your own holiday upcycling! So if you've got an abundance of pumpkins and gourds, bottles and too much candy, click here and herald in the splendor of Thanksgiving.

Green and Small: We've got 'em all! Handmade holiday events at Tanglewood Works are right around the corner and will include an entire weekend of artisanal cheer. In response to the insanity that ensues each year during Black Friday, an alternative was formed and it's called #GreenFriday. It's meant to point out that there are so many other options to mass manufactured plastic stuff. The very next day is #SmallBusinessSaturday! We'll be setting up an outdoor party tent and fire pit so you can warm your hands, chat with neighbors, enjoy hot cider and at selected hours, even a nice massage! Plus we'll be packed to the brim with amazing upcycled gifts made by your friends and neighbors.

Ready for some of your own #DIY fun? We've posted the DIY classes and FREE Mercury Glass DIY demos and FREE "Blown Glass" demos for the rest of the year. You can find everything listed on the Tanglewood Works Calendar of Events.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Sue Older-Mondeel
Senior Dumpster Diva

PS - If you wanna help us — YELP US. YELP reviews help us get found online so we'd love some of our own. Many thanks for supporting a small local business.

Dumpster Diva Tips of the Week...

As Beyonce would say Iif you liked it, then you shoulda put a pin on it." Right?? Well, whatever she said, in this week's Diva Tips I'm gonna teach you how to use the magic of upcycling to tackle BIG issues, like BIG LOGOS on otherwise fabulous gear.

Have you ever been the lucky recipient of some fabulous article of clothing or sports gear, which is totally awesome, EXCEPT for,... the HUGE HONKING LOGO some clever marketing person thought needed to be right smack in the most prominent location of said gift? If you answered yes, you know exactly what I'm talking about in today's Diva Tips.

Click HERE to learn how this #SeniorDumpsterDiva conquers the branding logos, and personalizes, otherwise total fabulous items.

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