For Chineze's LEAD Freshmen

Class of 2017.. Welcome to the high school!

Hi guys! So sorry I couldn't be here with you today (I'm in vacation in London until the 23rd of August), but this is just a little about me before you meet me. My name's Chineze, but you guys can call me Chin, mostly everyone does. I'm a senior this year, and I'm also senior class president! I like to run, and I'm very friendly, so don't be shy! I'm here to help you, you can talk to me about whatever! My Facebook name is: Chineze Mbamali, so don't get creeped out when you see a super long name adding you. If you don't have a Facebook, feel free to text me anytime! My number is 8452829186. I hope you guys enjoy your freshmen year, I'll be contacting you all very shortly! If you ever want to meet up in school or something that can definitely happen! Welcome, and enjoy your first year, there's so much to look forward to!