Author: Jerry Spinelli

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Plot :

Poor little gypsy is on the run to steal food for him to eat. He never got caught. A poor child where he doesn't remember his past. Including his name or age. He never knew what jackboots really are all he knew is that everyone worshiped them and they were the rulers. He wanted to be just like them. Until he saw the tortures on the streets how they made a guy with a long beard clean the streets with his beard. He then finally understood that they are jews, and the jackboots are the bad guys. He steals food for a living. Uri in this story changes his name to Misha Pilsudski. Misha had said he was proud of not being a jew but what he doesn't know is that the jackboots hate the gypsies as well.. he realizes it then slowly.. The jackboots tried going for him next but Misha is one brave little kid, he outruns the jackboots and hides. After the war he moves to the United States And Jack Milgrom adopts Misha and changes his name it Misha Milgrom.


In my story the main character does not have a name. He goes through a sequel of names during the story. His first name was "stopthief," then it kept changing and changing (right now his name is Misha)

Uri : Which is the unnamed little boy's friend.

Jackboots: the Nazi's.

Jack Milgrom: Which is the guy that adopts Misha after the war in the United States


The conflict here is that the unknown little boy wants to be a jackboot but he doesnt know what their mission is to do, and scince he is a Gypsy the jackboots track them after the jews, so he is in danger.


The setting was at warsaw ghetto somewhere in Poland.
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The theme of this story to me is that your identity could save you from a lot of things.


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