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Job Description

Psychiatrists are physicians. They attend to patients' mental and emotional problems. They focus on helping people function better in their daily lives. Psychiatrists usually specialize in treatment methods based on their chosen field of study. They may explore things about their patients such as beliefs and history. They can prescribe medicine including tranquilizers, anti-psychotics, and antidepressants. If they specialize in treating children, they may use play therapy. There are 25,040 psychiatrists employed in the United States. Psychiatrists treat problems ranging from being irritable and feeling frustrated to losing touch with reality. Some psychiatrist run general practices treating patients with a variety of mental disorders.

Salary Range

On average Psychiatrist can make between $50,274 - $201,460+

Employment Prospects

Employment prospects are good; Jobs mostly available in major metropolitan areas.

Advance Prospects

Advance Prospects are fair.

Career Ladder shown below:

Consultant, or Professor, or Researcher

Administrator or Manager of a Psychiatric Department


Medical Resident

Special Skills/ Traits Required

Interpersonal - communication between people

Will need to be able to research topics and find good useful information.

Outgoing - Friendly and socially confident.

You will need excellent problem solving skills.

Educational Requirements

Students must have a four year medical degree on top of a four year college degree in Psychology.


1585 East 13th Ave


There a total are 24,125 students



Knoxville, Tennessee


There are a total of 27,845 students



All physicians are required to be licensed in order to pass medicine. After getting your M.D. you must then pass a license test to be able to prescribe medicine.

Professional Associations

American Psychiatric Association

1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1825, Arlington, Va. 22209-3901

American Psychiatric Nurses Association

3141 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 625, Falls Church, Va. 22042


In high school, take classes such as Biology, chemistry, and physics as well as geometry, algebra, and calculus.

Move to a bigger city for more job availability.

Work on your communication and problem solving skills.

Something Unique

There are 13 different degrees you can get in the field of psychiatry.


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