National Security Problems

Has the war on Iran made the United States safer?

Barack Obama's Views on National Security

Barack Obama believes that National Security is a problem, pertaining to the fact that Iran may be ready to manufacture nuclear bombs. But, he believes that the Iranians will be able to be persuaded if he states that the United States will go to war at the event that any possible attack may happen.He has moved toward preventing nuclear interference in North Korea and is trying to make sure Iran does not take any severe actions, nuclear-wise.The president withdrew soldiers from the middle-eastern area because he senses thet there is a slight peace in those countries, for now. He thanks all the soldiers who made a difference in the war on Iran.

Mitt Romney's Views on National Security

Mitt Romney opposes the fact that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb. He believes it strongly threatens the United States.

Mitt wants to use a more expensive plan to track down any missiles in the European area. He wants to place a radar system in the Czech Republic and drones in Poland. He wants to convince Russia to allow this plan.It seems that that plan is much more expensive, but insures safety from missiles.

Mitt Romney did not support bringing most of the military home, because of national safety. He is very concered about this topic.

Both canidates want to improve national safety as best as they can. They both have specific plans that they each believe will improve national safety.

In conclusion, the war on Iran may not have made the U.S. safer, but has given people plans and descisions that may or may not improve the security of our nation.

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