Promote Your Altra Card!

October 10-12

5 Easy Steps

1. Go to

2. Go into the search box and search "Altra Federal Credit Union"

3. Click "Write Something..." under the post box on the Altra homepage and explain why you chose Altra Federal Credit Union.

4. Post between the dates on October 10-12 to enter for a chance to win an additional $5.00 in your personal Altra savings account

5. If you are one of the first 20 posts, $5.00 will be transferred into your bank account

Additional Information

Venture with Altra

During the dates of October 10-12 individuals will have the opportunity to post on Altra's Facebook page and tell everyone why you chose to "Venture With Altra." The first 20 people to post onto the Altra page will win $5.00 which will be placed directly into their Altra savings account. Act fast! Don't forget the promotion only lasts three days! Guarantee yourself five additional dollars in your Altra savings account by clicking the link below within the dates of May 10-12.


Thursday, Oct. 10th 2013 at 12am to Saturday, Oct. 12th 2013 at 11:45pm

This is an online event.