Blue Mountains

The life of the 3 sisters

About the blue mountains

Archaeological studies indicate that the Blue Mountains were formed around one million years ago as part of the Kosciusko Uplift during the Pliocene Epoch.

Pressure from the east raised the area upwards in a monoclonal fold, reaching an elevation of around three thousand feet to the top of the Blue Mountains where Mount Victoria is today. It had been washed away by water and creek. River flowing in the trough filled in with sediment, creating delta and swamps in which they continued to deposit sand. About over 90 millions years ago, creeks and river flow across it erode rock, creating sand and silt. The more the erosion debris the water carries the more it cuts trough the sandstone slopes of the valley.

The Three sisters

As the lives of the three sisters were seriously in danger, a witchdoctor from the Katoomba tribe took it upon himself to turn the three sisters into stone to protect them from any harm. While he had intended to reverse the spell when the battle was over, the witchdoctor himself was killed. As only he could reverse the spell to return the ladies to their former beauty, the sisters remain in their magnificent rock formation as a reminder of this battle for generations to come.