Valet Parking Services

How The Valet Parking Services Make Your Life Easier?

How The Valet Parking Services Make Your Life Easier?

‘Time is Money’ and to match this, we always use fast and convenient vehicles to utilize our time wisely in productivity. The most convenient vehicle is the car, but the biggest issue with car transportation is parking. Whether you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, you need to wait in a parking place or look for an empty parking space. And the most crowded place is the airport area. Isn't it problematic to park your car there before you see off your family member or one of your friends, or beloved? Here comes the savior, the valet parking services, that makes your life easier.

With Curbstand, you can now easily get parking. One of the best and most effective Valet Parking Services in California.

  • Give your phone number and receive the confirmation text
  • Select your location and check-in
  • Pay for the parking, add a tip, and go
  • If you want, you can add on-demand services like a car wash, beverage

Include Valet Service For Wedding Ceremony

If you are a wedding planner, then you might know the craze of valet parking. Most of the people in California use this service. In fact, these days, the bride and groom are also looking for this service to impress the guests. Valet becomes a welcome added service.

Being a wedding planner, include this valet service for wedding, to make that event more charming. Welcome the guest with a super cool gesture and greet promptly. Also, with a valet company, you don’t need to worry about the venue premises for parking the cars. It will be our headache, to provide your guest with a good spot.

Valet parking services like Curbstand ensures you a safe parking space without any damage or theft issue. You will never be late for the party or event, as you don’t need to spend 10 minutes or more trying to figure out where to park your car.

Instead of all complications, your guests will get first-class welcome services. The best thing about hiring valet service is that none of your guests need to walk for long in the heat, snow, or rain. Because our valet attendants will take care of it.

Stress-free Travel With Modern Parking Management For Airport

With Curbstand, you will get smooth travel. When you arrive at the airport with your car, you can park without any inconvenience. The airport is the most congested area, and it needs proper management for parking the car. We are providing parking management for airport so that you can get stress-free modern parking.

With us, you will get -

  • Have stress-free and smooth parking for your customers

  • You can get more revenue by using e-commerce options, like platform booking and reservation.

  • We will provide additional services like security parking.

Among so many parking companies in California, we are the leading one that serves proudly across the country.

Benefits of Having Automated Valet Parking System

Are you looking for the best valet parking corporation in California? You can reach Curbstand for quick and elegant service. Recently we have launched an automated valet parking system. And it has numerous features and benefits in human life.

  • Save Space and Money

A traditional garage requires enough space for a car to safely circulate in front and back out for parking. But in an automated garage, you don’t require much space to open car doors.

  • Low Maintenance, Construction and Finishing Costs

An automated garage helps to save a lot of money on construction costs, and time, and lower land costs. No need to invest anything to make it look cool and gorgeous.

  • Decrease Environmental Impact

If you have the experience of parking your car at a public garage, you know very well how difficult and time-consuming it is. Driving up to clear the floor or creating a vacant space, creates a negative impact on the environment. Moreover, it exhausts emissions but with automated parking, cars' engines are turned off before it enters the system. It reduces the pollution percentage up to 80%.

Willing to Connect With Us as A Partner or Staff?

If you are willing to expand your business, include this valet service and make a great move to satisfy your customers. You can easily connect with us via email. Or, if you are a professional driver, fill out the contact form and be one of our reputed staff. Also, you can apply for valet parking using our mobile application.