Spiny Dogfish Shark Digital Poster

Carmen LeJeune

Location of Spiny Dogfish Shark Organs

1) First Dorsal Fin

2) Second Dorsal Fin

3) Caudal Fin

4) Pelvic Fin

5) Gill Slits

6) Snout

7) Claspers

8) Pectoral Fin

9) Lateral Line

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Other Information

Spiny Dogfish Shark Organs

  • Gall Bladder - bile from the liver is stored here
  • Heart - pumps blood to gills and tissues
  • Liver - largest gland in the body of a shark; stores glucose, processes nutrient-rich blood, and produces bile
  • Kidney - detoxifies and cleans blood from waste products; also regulates iron concentration in the shark's body
  • Pancreas - forms enzymes used for digestion
  • Small Intestine - digests food and absorbs nutrients
  • Large Intestine - completes the digestion process
  • Stomach - J-shaped for pre-digestion; shark controls process of digestion
  • Esophagus - carries food from the mouth to the stomach
  • Rectum - waste is held here before exiting through the anus
  • Claspers - reproductive organs in male sharks
  • Lateral Line - detects surroundings; system of nerves
  • Gills - allows shark to breathe under water by absorbing oxygen from the water that is then transported to the rest of the body


  • Kindgom - Animalia
  • Phylum - Chordata
  • Class - Chondrichthyes
  • Order - Squaliforms
  • Family - Squalidae
  • Genus - Squalus
  • Species - Acanthias

Life Span

A spiny dogfish shark lives up to an average of 30-100 years.


Spiny dogfish sharks are typically found in the Black Sea. They are also found in these waters across the world.