Prisoner B-3087

By Alan Gratz


In WWII, Yanek Gruener is a Jewish boy that has gone to 10 different concentration camps where he is starved, worked and beaten. He lost his friends and family during a raid. Yanek hid in an old bird coop on the top of a 30 story Jewish complex but was found while he was out looking for food. But when we was found he didn't know he would be worked And starved till he couldn't move no more. He was scared when he saw the body's of the other Jews. He was sure he wasn't going to look like them.


I thought the theme was that he had determinations of that he could fight the through pain to find glory because Yanek was sure he was going to live and fight through the pain. We was determined that we was going to find his family. That was when Yanek found his uncle in one of the same camps he was in and what he was told was so cruel. He was determined not give up and not to fall for Hitler.


Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews and build a perfect race. Hitler decided that he could work them to death and if they couldn't work they were transported to extermination camps in 15x20 rail cars with 300 people. They had to fight each other to get food. They laid on dead body. Slept on decaying body's. They also trampled each other to death. If the survived it didn't matter because they where locked and gassed to death.


The author did an amazing job describing what Jews had to go through and what they did. The detail of the how ruthless and relentless the concentrations camps were. The way that Yanek's friends and family we stole away from him was so cruel and Yanek didn't know he might never see them again so he was sure he was going to find his family. Most of the Jews had the same things happen to them but most of the Jews didn't make it through the cruel and relentless conditions of the concentration camps. But Yanek survived 10 concentration camps and the Death March.


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