Cooking Without A Cooker

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Easy-to-prepare, low-budget, tasty, yet highly nutritious meals in our interactive Cookbook.

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About The Book :

This recipe book is very different to many of the other books that you might find online. Instead of listing recipes by the country they are attributed to, or the cooking style, this recipe book gives you recipes based on what cooking appliances you have available. This may be especially helpful if you are living in a hostel, or temporary accommodation which doesn’t have a wide range of cooking facilities. We hope that you’ll find this book helpful, with straightforward and easy to make recipes that everyone can manage with the equipment they have available.

This book is split into four sections including a seasonal vegetable guide (as these vegetables are often the cheapest and most stocked in supermarkets), kettle recipes, toastie maker recipes and microwave recipes. We chose these sections to make sure that as many people as possible have access to one of these cooking devices and can use this book. Every recipe has a full breakdown of the cost of the ingredients, tells you how long it will take to make the recipe, and gives you an idea of where you can buy the ingredients for the recipe. It also gives you a picture to show what the final product looks like.

Finally, many of the ingredients used in these recipes (such as rice, noodles, tinned vegetables) are commonly available at food banks if you have access to these. Often you need a referral from a welfare service to do so, and you may well be entitled to this if you are living in temporary accommodation or homelessness. Some things like specific tinned vegetables may only be available in larger supermarkets so bear this in mind when looking for your ingredients. Although a range of supermarket prices have been used in this recipe book, most of the ingredients can be found in all large supermarkets and their prices are broadly similar.

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