Our 3 Branches

Alexandra, Juliana, Edward


This article will explain the all three branches of government Judicial branch, Legislative branch and Executive branch and all of the jobs the branches do.This will really help us in our county and put some order into it.This will help us have a much more organised country.

Executive Branch By : Edward . C

The Executive branch supports the laws and make sure people follow them. For Example: One law is to not copyrighted, the Executive branch makes sure the people of the states follow the law. The President, Vice President ( Barack Obama, Joseph R. Biden) and the cabinet work in the Executive branch.

We all know how somebody can become a President but i'll explain, U.S Citizens vote for someone to be the President. There are certain things you have to be or do to be a President. First, you HAVE to be at least 35 years old. Then, you have to be a resident of the United States for at least fourteen years. Finally, you have to be a natural-born citizen.

It's hard but the way to persuade the Citizens, but, for example : barack obama makes really good speeches to the citizens so they vote for him.The President can only it for 2 times so President can only be President for 8 years.

For the vice President, the senate chooses for a vice and just like the President, 4 years . The President's cabinet has the Secretary of State (John Kerry) , Secretary of the Treasury (Jacob Lew) , Secretary of Defense (Ashton B. Carter) , Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) , Secretary of the Interior (Sally Jewell) , Secretary of Agriculture (Tom J. Vilsack) , Secretary of Commerce (Penny Pritzker) , Secretary of Labor (Thomas E. Perez) , Secretary of Health and Human Services (Sylvia Mathews Burwell) , Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Julián Castro) , Secretary of Transportation (Anthony Foxx) , Secretary of Energy (Ernest Moniz) , Secretary of Education (Arne Duncan) , Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Robert McDonald) , Secretary of Homeland Security (Jeh Johnson).

Legislative Branch By : Juliana . B

The legislative branch makes the laws and protects others. Two chambers make the Legislative Branch, the senate and the house of representatives. Every state has a representative, the more population the more representatives, for example Wyoming only has one representative because Wyoming has a small population but NY has 27 representatives because NY has a large population (Three branches of government 2). Each state has two senators, the requirements to be the president of the senate is be 25 years or older and be a citizen of the United states of America. Here are some things only the legislative branch can do, protect the laws of others, declare war, borrow money and print currency. The president of the senate is the vise president of the USA (National Government page 18).

Judicial Branch By : Alexandra . B

There are three parts of government the Legislative Executive and Judicial. This will explain one of the branches The Judicial Branch .It is a really important branch.In the supreme court there are nine justices John, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Anthony, Kennedy Samuel, Alito Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer Elena Kagan . The job that they have is to make sure that the laws agree with the constitution. The Justices can also , overturn the laws if it's unconstitutional. The job as a Judge can last until they retire or die. To become a Justice you have to be chosen by the President.This branch may also hear some complaints that the people make about their decision. This branch also has many responsibilities that other branches don't have for example, hearing a case the people bring against the case or another state wanting to sue a close by state. In this branch there is also a head justice the president chooses it the other eight are called associate justices. Those are a few things about the Judicial branch that you should know.


In conclusion Executive branch, Judicial branch and Legislative branch are going to be a good help in America.The laws are going to be fair, supported and are going to agree with the constitution.