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Your Child's Reading Class

I have shared the following information with many of you during our parent meetings. Please see the points below if you have not yet had a chance to come in and chat.

The Reading Specialist Program at ASD-UE School

The Format

Four times per week, during their regularly scheduled reading block, your child comes to the Reading Room to read in a small group. The group size is no more than four students. We are reading books from the HIP program. The readability of these books is carefully controlled to provide students with the ability to gain reading strategies and comprehension. The books are of high interest to students as they provide engaging topics. Fourth and Fifth grade groups will also be reading some of the BOB books (Battle of the Books).

The Reading Room has comfy coaches, soft carpets and lots of natural light, all within a quiet reading environment. We read together in a circle style, we build our reading stamina by reading silently and we do readers theater to improve reading fluency. I try to vary the type of reading activity in order to provide students with multiple opportunities to shine in reading.


Each day that your child comes to the Reading Room, s/he will have some reading homework that night. They will generally have one chapter to read at home. We then summarize this chapter the next day in class. Summarizing is one of our most important Comprehension Strategies.

It is essential for your child to read the assigned chapter at home in order for them to feel confident in our group and to be a part of our reading conversations. This homework counts as their classroom reading and can/should be logged in their reading log.

Read With Your Child

Reading is a partnership between school and home. Students who have support with reading at home are more confident and comfortable readers. They display a positive attitude towards reading and truly enjoy getting lost in a story or text. Tomorrow or Thursday, I will send home a brochure with tips on ways to read aloud to your child at home. I will also send along another overview of the program for your reference.

Get Hooked on a Series

Series that would be great to get your young reader hooked on READING!

Theses series are ordered from easier to harder books, but please be sure to have your child do the “preview” strategy that they all know how to do, in order to make sure they are picking a series they can read fluently.

The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

Cam Jansen series by David A. Adler

Andrew Lost by J.C. Greenburg

Damian Drooth series by Babara Mitchelhill

Puppy Place Series by Ellen Miles

The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes series by Anne Mazer

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Dragon Slayers’ Academy by Kate McMullan

READ Aloud to Your Child

Look for The Reading Room newsletter every week or two!

Please email me if you have any question about your child's reading and remember to READ over the winter holiday!!!