Weekly Update

January 11-15

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! Thank you for jumping in and starting the spring semester in a great way! The elementary teachers have done an excellent job with their upcoming Open House projects and the preschool teachers have done a great job planning activities for their students. We are very excited about the events and activities planned for this semester!

Notifications and Changes

*Please be reminded that cell phones may NOT be used while supervising children (in the classroom, on the playground, etc.). If you are using your cell phone, you will be written up or terminated.

*Dress code must be followed on a daily basis. Preschool teachers need to wear an approved Merryhill polo/cardigan/blouse daily with approved bottoms (navy, tan, black). ALL teachers (elementary, preschool, teacher assistants, management, etc.) must wear an approved Merryhill polo/cardigan/blouse on Thursdays. If you are not in dress code, you will be sent home to change or will need to purchase a new shirt. Please see the office if you have any questions.

*If you are not on the clock or responsible for a class, you need to be in an empty classroom, a designated break area (upstairs lounge or preschool director's closet), or leave the building completely.

*PLP conferences for elementary teachers will begin January 11. I will email schedules by the end of the day Friday.

*Step Up Day is Friday, January 15 for students in Pre-K through 5th grade. Pre-K teachers will accompany their classes to Kindergarten, and Kindergarten through 5th grade will "step up" to the next grade level. 6th grade students will be assigned to rooms as helpers. We will have a schedule to teachers next week.

*If you have a t-shirt from a class trip, please wear it Friday, 1/15 for Step Up Day.

*Preschool progress reports are due to Dolly by Friday, January 1/15.

Elementary Faculty Meetings

*Upper elementary will meet FRIDAY, January 15 at 7:30 am. Please bring your iPad.

Weekly Emails

*Please email your spelling bee winners with the date and time of the school spelling bee (1/19 9:00 am 1st-3rd/10:00 am 4th-6th).

*Please ask 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students to wear a class trip t-shirt on Friday, 1/15.