Weekly Update

Pomperaug Elementary School


Wednesday, June 9th, is our Field Day, with a rain date of Friday, June 11th.

  • Grades K-2 Field Day Stations from 9:40 - 11:10.
  • Grades 3-5 Field Day Stations from 1:00 - 2:30.

Students will need to bring a refillable water bottle to Field Day. Please make sure their name and class is written on it. There will be a station to refill when necessary. Please apply sunscreen to your child prior to coming to school. Sunscreen may not be applied at school. Hats are also recommended. All students should plan on wearing their School Spirit Wear. All students should bring a beach towel because we are planning for a picnic lunch.

Room parents will be contacting their classrooms to find two volunteers to help at Field Day.


Volunteers are not allowed to bring other children/younger siblings with them. Also, due to security purposes and Covid mitigation, parents are not allowed to just “pop in” to visit their child during the day.

If you are chosen to be a volunteer for your class, please arrive at:

  • 9:15 if you are helping with K - 2
  • 12:40 if you are helping with 3 - 5

Volunteers will meet in the Gym to receive instructions and plans.

Teacher of the Year Nominations

We invite all Region 15 staff, parents and students to submit nominations for the “2021-22 District Teacher of the Year.” The teacher of the year program is designed to recognize, honor, and celebrate excellence by selecting a teacher to represent the many exemplary teachers across our district. This year nominations will be emailed to toy@region15.org. Please put the initials of the school the candidate teaches at in the subject line; for example RMS. All nominations must be received no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 4, 2021.

Nominations should include the candidate’s full name and a written narrative which discusses evidence in support of the candidate. In addition, the person making the nomination should include their full name as well. The Selection Committee has developed the following guidelines for considering nominations for Teacher of the Year:

  • Demonstrated ability to inspire enthusiasm and motivation for learning in students.

  • Demonstrated use of effective teaching techniques, flexibility of style, innovation, and creativity.

  • Caring relationships with students.

  • Demonstrated commitment to continuing professional growth and development.

  • Respect and admiration of students, colleagues, parents and administration.

  • Personal philosophy and goals.

  • Ability to articulate ideas clearly.

  • Community involvement.

These guidelines will represent general areas for consideration; it is not necessary for the candidate to possess special strengths in every area, since the selection will be based on a holistic assessment of the candidacy. In addition, The Region 15 Teacher of the Year nominees must be tenured teachers in our district and have not received this award previously. The Teacher of the Year award is a wonderful way of recognizing excellence for all teachers through the selection of an outstanding representative teacher in our district. Please take a few minutes to nominate one or more teachers for this award. The nomination form is attached.

Artist Corner

Thank you to Mrs. Saginario for contributing artwork each week for the Artist Corner. Monday will be her last day at PES for the 2020-21 School Year. Mrs. Saginario will be moving to GES to end the school year for the last twenty days because of the ten day rotation we implemented this school year. We will all miss this weekly feature.