Angela's Answers

for Plexus A-Team Ambassadors & Customers

June 2016 - Issue #2

It's Finally Summertime!

Happy Summer Everyone! Jennifer Kostera and I were lucky enough to spend time last week with 11,500 attendees at the Plexus Convention #DreamOn2016. One new product was introduced & one existing product improvement was announced and you'll hear all about it in this issue of Angela's Answers...

Spotlight on Edge: The Clean Energy You've Been Waiting For

At Convention, Plexus revealed our newest product: Edge. This energy capsule's formulation gives you all of the benefits of energy drinks but not the bad. If you turn to energy drinks (or even coffee) to get you through the day, give Edge a try & see the difference for yourself!
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Product Improvements: No Waiting for Block's Effective Carb Control!

Plexus also announced an update to our existing product, Block. Prior to this change, Block had to be taken 30 minutes prior to your meal. The new Block can be taken just before you eat -- no waiting! Check out this awesome video (below) explaining why you need Block!!

Wholesale Pricing and Free Product!

Ask your Ambassador about the advantages of upgrading to wholesale. Through the end of June, we will be offering a free full-sized bottle of Block or Edge to new Ambassadors who join our team!

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