Mrs. Mayer's Monday Morning Memo

September 19, 2016

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Weekly Updates: (New in bold)

* Mrs. Weston will be here for me on Monday. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to let her or Janet know.

* Please let me know if your grade level has completed their assessments.

* Picture schedule was sent to you via Google Docs

* Grandparents week is approaching for lunch. Put October 17-19 on your calendar. This will be for students in K-3.

* If you are taking time off, please note that a half day is considered 11:50, except on Friday's it is considered 11:20.

* The main doors inside the entryway, at the elementary will be locked until 7:56, everyday. Please enter through the office.

* Please remind your kids to pick up their breakfast on their way to the classroom, from the bus.

*Fire Drills: Last week, we had a fire drill. Please make sure your lights are off and your doors are shut. When you get outside, please make sure you have all your kids. If you don't we need to be notified.

* REMINDER: You cannot talk to anyone, but the parents, about a child's progress, unless the parents have signed permission in front of a teacher, secretary or principal.

* Please do not take your students up to the bus before 3:10. K-1 could leave their classrooms about 3:08, 2, 3 & 4 should leave their classrooms approximately 3:11. This will cut down on the crowding as students are loading the buses. Enjoy that extra time with your students.

* The office door, inside the main entrance of the building is now keyed to your A1, key. You may use it to enter the office in the evenings and weekends to make your copies. Please make sure the door is always locked when you leave. Thank you!

* Hallways- Thank you for your attention and high expectations in the halls. As I watched students walk in the hallways, they were so quiet and respectful of all the classes going on at the same time. Also, thank you to all those that help with milk at lunch and walking your students up to the buses! With high school classes going on, it is helpful to have all the accountability, to the buses.

* Please make sure you turned in your notes and action plan from your PLC. Did you invite me, to your September PLC? (Please put your notes in the folder on Google Drive, if possible.)

* If you need a sub, call Janet at 538-6609.

S is for Snowball

I was tempted to skip this one, due to the thought of snow, but it is a good one!!

"If you want to build a huge snowball, you can't pick up all the snow at once; it would just fall apart. You start small, pack it tight, and roll it slowly downhill. Snow sticks, and the snowball gains momentum as it grows."

Burgess, Dave, Shelley Burgess, and Genesis M. Kohler. P Is for Pirate: Inspirational ABC's for Educators. San Diego: Dave Burgess Consulting, 2014.

Reflection Tip/Question of the Week:

Remember to start small and finish big.

Upcoming Dates:

Picture Day: September 19

DAT/STAR team meeting: Sept. 20 @ 3:20- Jeannie's office

Bus Safety: September 19-23

Homecoming: September 19-23

Picture Day: September 19

Fire Safety: October 9-16

September Birthdays:

September 9- Annamae

September 14- Diana

September 16- Deb M.

September 30- Alli S.

September 30- Shelly F.

Mayer's week, in a nut shell:

I will be out of the building on Monday, all day, and Wednesday for 1/2 day. The rest of the week I will be around, so please do not hesitate to let me know if you need anything. I can take text/call/email, 24/7.

My cell number is 218-255-1903.

Mrs. Mayer, Elementary Principal

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~Helen Keller