Beauty and the Beast



Belle is a girl who takes her father's place imprisoned by a beast. He was cursed by an enchantress. Belle teaches him things and the beast falls in love with her and she with him. They fall in love and the beast gets changed back in to a prince.

5 facts about Beauty and the Beast

1.Played in Broadway for over 13 years

2. 8th longest running musical on Broadway

3. Named as a instant classical

4. Released in 1991

5. About 5,461 performances in all

Actors: Susan Egar, and Terrence Mann

3 intresting facts

1. There is a hidden mickey in the set

2. The production has been mounted in 21 different countries

3. Human Again was cut before the production but was later added

2 songs from the musical

1. Be Our Guest

2. Human Again

Awards and Recongnitions

1. Theatre World Award

2. Costume Design (Play or Musical)