Survivor Party

For the Turnaround/Stayedaround Howe Gang!

Survivor Party!

Thursday, May 29th, 12am

Kaylor's house

You have earned the right to celebrate!

Just think. Of all the Howe staff members that have come and gone since the first day of CSUSA PD in July of 2012, you are a survivor. Think of everything you've been through, and then how few people on this planet will ever truly understand it. That's a small group, and most members of it will be moving on in just a matter of weeks.

NOW IS THE TIME to recognize our own remarkable adaptability, tenacity, teamwork, and Survivor status!

  • WHO: Amarante, Ayers, Bennett, Biwer, Boone, Brobst, Dorsey, Goldsby, Grettenberger, Himes, Hoffman, Ivy, Kaylor, Mazenowski, Meister, Mezger, Paz, Resler, Tarka, Young
  • WHAT: Potluck dinner party
  • WHEN: Whatever day we decide
  • WHERE: Kaylor's place (in Irvington)
  • WHY: Because we deserve this
  • HOW: Bring a dish and a drink (wine, liquor, or other) to share

NOTE: Please keep this Survivor Party a very tight secret. We don't mean to make anyone feel bad by leaving them out.... we just want to whoop it up one last time with those who drank from the very first batch of CSUSA Kool-Aid....

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