Portland Pal

A Delirium Free Community

By:Elizabeth Sturgell & Skye Kidwell

Advice Column

Dear Miss Nancy,

I have stumbled upon a "problem" from what society says, but I find it fun, exciting, and exhilarating. I've been breaking all my rules, well the government's rules, lately. I've been to a few illegal concerts you know the the one's with music, dancing, and boys. I've also been staying out past curfew and lying to my friends and family, all for a boy. Yes, a boy.

I should be more terrified of the government finding out that I might possibly have delirium and have been breaking all their laws, I should be terrified of the fact that they could kill me or take me to jail, that's if they have mercy on my soul. But, I'm petrified of the thought of loosing him. What should I do? Should I stop going to concerts, breaking curfew, and stop seeing him? Or should I go with my gut feeling and let the deadly disease overcome me?

From, a confused teenager


Dear A Confused Teenager,

You need to be cured now, tell your family, your friend, just someone. You are sick and being selfish if you let this go on any longer. Just think, you will be infected and he will be infected. Both of your family's and friend's will loose you, plus you would die an embarrassment to them. And like you said, the government would kill you both or, if they have mercy on you, throw you in jail. Again, go seek help before all of this gets out of hand.

Your Friend,

Miss Nancy

Movie Review

Love. Something that everybody wants, something that is deadly, something that could cost you your life. Portland, one of the cities that was over all delirium free. Follow the story of Lena Haloway as she gains these regretful feelings for a certain boy. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are starring in this engrossing action-romance, directed by Tim Burton. Delirium "leaves you always asking questions and wondering what will happen next," (Rolling Stone Magazine.)

Love: It will kill you and save you both.

Delerium, written by Lauren Oliver

Help Wanted!

Help is need at our local grocery store! I need cashiers,clerks,shelf stockers, and just about anything thing you can think of. I need the extra help around the store, because my niece as been busy lately. Therefore she can't help around the store as much as she use to. You'll be paid minimum wage for every hour your working. We open at seven am,and close at eight pm just in time for you to get home for curfew. We'll try our best to fit your job around your schedule. Help is need, and we only have a few more openings. If your interested please call 1-800-tiddlegroceries or my/the Tiddle's home phone 999-808