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November 15, 2014

We Heard You . . .

As per Dr. Weitzel's video message, the cover sheets and tests have been completely reorganized beginning with unit 4.

  • The questions are now in numerical order on the cover sheet and the descriptors are in the same order as they appear in Infinite Campus.
  • The secure skill questions and beginning and developing skill questions are now grouped together.
  • The rubric for the problem solving has been revised and is included as part of the answer key.
  • There is now a guide to explain the criteria for LP, A, M, or E for each descriptor. The guide is part of the answer key.
  • Following the guide on the answer key, there is a separate box that gives a breakdown for LP, A, M, and E for the “Math Learning Standard” you must report in IC during the 1st and 3rd marking periods.
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The tests with the cover sheet AND the answer key with the scoring guide and answers are all available on the math intranet in Unit Specific Documents Library of your grade level page. Click here to go to the math intranet home page. Click on Unit 4 to get to the Unit Assessment and Answer Key.

FAQ's . . .

What if I have a family that does not have Internet access to receive their child’s Conference Report?

  • A paper copy can be sent home with the student on the morning of the 19th.
  • Be sure to communicate with your administrator and your building secretary if you are aware of any families that do not have internet access.

Do I have to use the SMART Board for the conference or can I use the paper copy to help guide the conference?

  • You can do whatever works best for you. Please note that if you are using the SMART Board with the PDF on the screen, you will not be able to make and save changes instantly into the document if strength and goal areas are revised based on your conversation with the parent and student.
  • Changes will have to be made in IC. All reports will be rerun and re-uploaded December 8th for parents to see via the Portal.

Is there a place I can go to see grade-level specific comments/strength/goal areas?

  • Yes! The RSA Core Team spent time creating these as a starting point.
  • They are located on the Z drive as well as beginning on page 43 in the teacher handbook.

Do I need to create strengths and goals for every subject area?

  • No. It depends on student need and teacher preference.
  • When creating strengths and goals, think ahead to the 3rd marking period conference when these goals will be revisited.
  • What will be most meaningful to students & parents?

What if I need to talk to parents about something at the conference and would prefer the student not be present?

  • If there is a portion of your conference that would be more appropriate if the child were not present, that is fine.
  • Use your professional judgment.

Can I enter information/assessments into gradebook now, even though the 1st marking period is already over?

  • If teachers open their gradebook and look at their assignment list, they can change dates to reflect MP1.
  • Assignments would need to be dated November 4th or before to show up in MP1.

When I switch to MP 2 in IC, my reading and writing grades from MP 1 are not showing up in marking period 2. How can I see my assessments/"grades" from MP 1 in MP 2 in IC?

  • When you switch to MP2, the gradebook is defaulting to our first sequential standard for that subject. In MP 1 many teachers selected the "Overall Learning Standard," in addition to those standards specifically assessed within the assignment.
  • If you switch the standard in the drop down to one of those specific standards assessed, you will see the assignment
  • Remember MP 2 is designed to report the progress regarding individual standards versus the overall standard in MP 1.

Why can’t I view the conference document at home using my CB laptop?

  • The reports will not work from home, only in the district.
  • You can access IC to input your data from home, but you can only run the report while in the district.

Spotlight on You:

3rd Grade - Gayman Elementary . . .

Students in Gayman's third grade classes, take time to reflect on their learning as fall conferences approach. Teachers can use this information when setting goals and strengths. It also helps with understanding the new vocabulary associated with the reporting documents.

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1st Grade - Groveland Elementary . . .

In Jenn Swan’s class, students review thier progress with word wall/sight words using a small laminated index card and a dry erase marker. The visual indicators next to the card are the same visuals used to represent approaching, meeting, & exceeding.

As students practice the words, they self-assess if they are meeting the standard.

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Timeline . . .

November 17th:

  • 9:00 AM - window closes for all teachers

November 17th (4:00 PM) - 18th:

  • Teachers & Principals will be able to review reports for errors.
  • Changes must be made through IT.

November 19th:

  • 9:00 AM - Progress Reports will be available to parents through the portal.
  • 12:00 PM - Window re-opens for teachers - providing teachers the ability to "add to" or "adjust" the strengths & goals section during reporting conferences.

November 20th - 25th:

  • Reporting Conferences - Teacher, Student, & Family
December 8th:
  • 9:00 AM - Window closes for teachers.
  • IT will regenerate conference reports so the undated versions (accounting for adjustments to strengths & goals made during conferences) will now be available for parents through portal.
  • This will end access to the 1st marking period data.

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