Come to Luxembourg!

Everything you need to know about this amazing E.U. Country!

Luxembourg is for everyone! Come learn our history:

Luxembourg has been part of many countries which have influenced it's culture. In the past Luxembourg was part of the Burgundian Kingdom which was a piece of the Frankish Empire. In 1477, it became part of the Habsburgs Empire. Then after the 80-years War it became part of the southern Netherlands. It became part of France in 1795, then from 1914-18 and 1940-1944 Luxembourg was part of Germany. At the end of 1944 Luxembourg split off and became it's own country. In 1958, Luxembourg was a founder of the European Union (E.U.).

This diverse history has created the Luxembourg of today. As an example the Luxembourg flag is influenced by the french flag's colors and stripes, because when they were part of France they liked when France rebelled against their government (a Monarchy) in the French Revolution. The current government is constitutional monarchy and has 3 branches executive, legislative and judicial.

A Small Country in the Middle of Europe

Listing Luxembourg is easy as it can be accessed through France, Belgium and Germany (it's neighboring countries) and is only an hour flight from London. Since it is landlocked it cannot be accessed from sea. The country is beautiful and is made up of rolling hills and forests. When you visit you can begin in the capital city of Luxembourg City and then travel to the other major cities that include Wilts, Esch, Mertert, and Differdange. Some interesting facts and reasons to see Luxembourg are:

  • It has the riches country per capita in Europe.
  • The population is 549,680 and is about 990 square miles (2/3 the size of Rhode Island)
  • Two official languages German and France.
  • The country-side has 640 km of biking trails.
  • Amazing castles, including Vianden Castle, Luxembourg Castle and Beaufort Castle.
  • Religious architecture, military history and festivals.

Before you come to Luxembourg:

  • If you do not carry Euro's then please make sure to exchange your currency to Euro. While Luxembourg once used the Franc, they will not accept Francs now.
  • It is a good idea to learn a few French and German words.
  • Brush up on your Military history. Many of their attractions are based on that history.

By Alex Polinsky

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