November 2014

The Sheldon RtI Binder has a lot of information for SART teams...

Live Binders has a free account that you can create so that you are able to save the Sheldon RtI Live Binder. When you access the account, you will need an access code. The code is... Sheldon RtI.

Some Friendly Reminders...

  • Please remember to use the SART Script that was created and reviewed. It is a helpful tool that leads to good discussion.
  • Parents need to be a part of the SART process. Their input is valuable and having them part of the team will really make a difference.
  • If a folder is submitted to DSART, please make that the flow-charts that were created have been followed and used. Documents for each TIER have been saved in the Live Binder.
  • Our next meeting will be November 19th from 9:30--11:30 at the NEY.