Hopkins Happenings

Weekly Newsletter - October 11-14

What we've been up to...

I hope that you enjoyed your long weekend!


  • Fundations: Now that we have reviewed all the letters and the sounds that they make, we are using this knowledge to make 3-letter CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words such as cat, bed, fix, hop, bug. We have also been working on "tapping out" the sounds in these words. This skill will help us as we are reading and writing words!
  • Writing: We have been busy Working On Writing (W.O.W!) and have been in the process of completing our Things I Like writing, writing about what we like to do in the fall, and writing our goals for the school year. We are excited for you to read these when you are here for Open House next week!
  • Listen & Learn: We began our next module called Different Lands, Similar Stories. We have been comparing and contrasting various stories from different lands as we realize their similarities and differences. So far we have heard the following stories: Cinderella; The Girl with the Red Slippers; and Billy Beg along with Tom Thumb; Thumbelina; and Issun Bushi: One Inch Boy. Next week we will listen to three more stories that are from different lands, but have many similarities!

Math We are continuing our work in Module 1 and have still been doing a lot with math drawings, number bonds, and number sentences. It is essential that your child know simple addition facts, so please keep practicing these at home! Your child should also be able to "count on" to add and/or find the missing addend. These are foundational math skills that we will continue to build upon as we progress through our math program. Using Xtra Math at home is just one way for your child to get in his/her 5 minutes of math practice at home. You can also use flash cards, paper-pencil practice, or even games to ensure that your child is working on addition fact fluency!

Science We were busy geologists with a number of Investigation Stations this week that helped us to explore rocks by observing them (with magnifying glasses, "washing" them, sorting them, and even sifting through them to see their various sizes which helped us to see pebbles, gravel, and sand! We focused on their characteristics and talked about how they are nonliving!

Scholastic News We read about "leaf litter" and the critters that live on the forest floor!

Reminders & Important Dates


Please keep working on your child's sight words at home so that he/she can earn "Sight Word Scoops" at school! Our first grade list was just recently updated which is why a new list has not come home with students who were ready to read and spell list #1.

During the month of October, we will be collecting items for SOCKTOBER! Please send in new socks, blankets, hats, mittens, diapers, wipes, or toiletries to help our school with this worthy cause!

All notes that come to school need the date, my name, your child's first AND last name, along with any relevant information pertaining to a change in dismissal (please include your child's regular bus #) or reason for absence/tardiness or reason for needing to leave school early. THANK YOU!

Please be sure that your child has a healthy snack to eat each morning. This should be something that can be eaten without a utensil as they will also be working on morning work during this time. Please keep in mind that we have a severe dairy allergy in the classroom!!!

Your child should have sneakers each and every day! Sneakers must be worn on the playground AND at P.E. If your child cannot tie his/her shoes independently, then please send them to school in sneakers!

Important Dates

Tuesday, October 18: OPEN HOUSE 6:00-7:30 in Room 409

Friday, October 21: Family Night at the YMCA 5:00-7:00 (for anyone who participated in the SCREEN FREE CHALLENGE - don't forget to RSVP!)

Wednesday, October 26: Picture Make-up day

Monday, October 31: Field Trip to the Wood Library - Please send back a signed permission slip along with your child's library card or Library Registration.

Specials Schedule

**All specials are 12:35-1:20, immediately following lunch and recess**

Monday - P.E.

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - P.E.

Thursday - Music

Friday - P.E. **We have library EVERY Friday**