Run, Zombies...Get to High lands

Rocky Mountains

The ZOMBIES are here so get to high lands, like the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains are good because it is a really high place and not many people live there. The Rocky Mountains are west of the Great Plains and east of the Basin and Range. The Rocky Mountains are also very long and stretch up to Alaska. The Rocky Mountains are near the Pacific Ocean. They region also have the Continental Divide.It stretches from Alaska to New Mexico. It has young and taller than the Appalachian Mountains. The Mountains are rugged mountains with high elevation. I give this region 7 out of 10 cause it is also cold in the mountains.


These are the monsters called ZOMBIES. ZOMBIES are a something or as some people say somebody. These are the Monsters that want to kill us. If you ever see one or more you should probably start running. To kill these monsters you must shoot them in the head were the brain is located.