The Mediator

Julianna Pomanto

Was the test right?

I think the test was pretty accurate to my personality, I'm kind of an odd-ball in the sense that sometimes I'm very social and sometimes I need to be alone. It said I was mostly introverted, but that's the only discrepancy I saw in my results. The rest seems accurate to me.
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Overall, I guess I am pretty shy and sensitive. I need to work on this but I'm not quite sure how. I do terrible in crisis situations and I always feel so much stress. My results seem kind of negative in a way.

The Pros

I will say this, at least I am empathetic and care more about other's feelings and how well we cooperate instead of who is right and who is wrong. I like everyone to feel respected and equal, even if they might not really deserve it. I take pride in my selflessness and I think that is the biggest plus side of my personality.
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