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August 28, 2020

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2020-21 Upcoming Dates

Friday, 8/28/20-Thursday 9/10/20-iReady assessment window-(parent letter attached below)

Thursday,9/3/20-Throwback Thursday, wear your tye dye mask to school

Friday, 9/4/20 - Institute Day - No School

Monday, 9/7/20 - Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, 9/8/20 - Virtual Curriculum Night Grades K, 1, and 2 for remote and in person.

Thursday, 9/10/20 - Virtual Curriculum Night Grades 3, 4, and 5 for remote and in person.

Virtual Curriculum Night has been shifted to either Tuesday, September 8, or Thursday, September 10. Links and details will be shared with you before these dates.

Our remote students will receive information directly from their teacher.

Lincoln Bulletin-Reminder--

This week we welcomed our third, fourth, and fifth-grade students. It was wonderful to see our older students return and join our newest learners. All of the students are doing a remarkable job being respectful, responsible, and safe. They are learning how to participate following the safety protocols. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job preparing them for their return. The kids are so happy to be back and we as a Lincoln community are also so happy to have them back to learn with us this year. I know our remote students are also doing an incredible job, I have talked to a few of our classroom teachers that are supporting our remote learners and I have heard great signs of motivation and perseverance and problem-solving. Thank you for supporting all of our learners. Also a shout out to our PTO for welcoming all our learners with the adorable sign on Lincoln's front lawn and the chalk the walk that welcomed us at all our entry ways, photo above.

Today we worked together with students and did a little maker activity at recess, photos below. Students tye-dyed their white masks that were provided by the district. This was an activity led by Ms. Semenek, Mr. B, and our Dean's Assistant Coach Izzie. These were sent home with your student and instructions, please leave for 24 hours, then rinse and wash.

We plan to have all students wear these on Thursday for throwback Thursday, so make sure that they are ready to wear to school. Our first Lincoln spirit day of the year!

Our theme this year at Lincoln is "Together, wherever--we fit together." As a community, our staff has shared family stories at the beginning of the year during our initial meetings and then shared with students during classroom morning meetings. Students are now sharing their family stories during morning meetings and all of our learners, both remote and in-person are given a puzzle piece to represent their family story. These have been sent home by our in-person classroom teachers this week, and I am attaching the explanation below. We are also having remote students pick up these when they are picking up some additional math manipulatives or reading materials. Or when you pick up remote books in the next week or so. Our hope is to create a wall hanging of our whole school puzzle pieces as a large hallway hanging.

Family Stories

As we begin the year we are focusing on belonging and acknowledgment. One of our consistent practices across all grades and classrooms is the morning meeting this is happening for all learners, in-person, and remote.

At Lincoln our vision is

Lincoln School is a community that fosters a sense of belonging to grow as a citizen and a learner.

At the beginning of this year we are doing a school-wide sharing of family stories-Lincoln students and staff are sharing their family stories. As a staff, we did this during our opening days and then created a puzzle piece to represent our stories. This will be turned in to the office by all students and staff and we will create a wall hanging in our main hall. This is representative of our broader community and connects to our yearlong theme which is below.

Together wherever we fit together!

We are asking you to have your child create their puzzle and please turn it into your classroom teacher if you are in person by September 1, or as a remote student by Sept. 8—we will then put these all together and share with our community. This will be on the wall in our main hallway during the year. If you are a remote learner, please stop by Lincoln to pick up the puzzle pieces after Aug. 31st.

Some examples from our staff are below,

Mr. Miller shared a slice of the summer and his quest to find a gift for his wife’s birthday.

Mrs. Klotz shared her family story on how her two kids and she learned how to paddle board.

Ms. Kappele shared how she was able to connect with her family using portal since they are further along.

Just so you know this family story doesn’t need to be from the beginning of time but can be a highlight of how you spent your time over the past few months. We look forward to seeing this from all of you.

Be polite to our Neighbors

St. Marks has been a wonderful neighbor of Lincoln. They will begin their preschool next week and are asking us not to park in their parking lot during arrival and dismissal. Please avoid using their parking lot, thank you.

i-Ready Assessments Next Week

On Monday, August 31 through Thursday, September 10, students will be taking district-wide assessments in the areas of reading and math. To learn more about the testing program and resources, please review this letter. Students will also participate in social, academic and emotional screener during these weeks, it will take about 20 minutes for students in grades 2-5. The information is attached below.

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