No Teacher Left Behind

Consistent Learning Opportunities

There should be a conference or seminar at least once a year that teachers are required to go to in order to learn about the latest techniques and strategies that are being used in the classroom. These seminars could also be online in order to cut down on costs and allow teachers to become more comfortable with using technology as a teaching and learning tool.

Uniformed Practices

It would be good if all teachers and schools used the same practices or at least similar ones based on the common core standards as well 21st century skills. This would ensure that students throughout the nation are learning what they need to know in order to be globally competitive.

Consistent Standard for Teachers

There should be a consistent standard for teachers and they should be based on 21st century skills which are extremely important for students. Teachers should be rated on their incorporation of these skills in their classroom.

ISTE Standards for Teachers

Based on the two schools that I visited for the week 3 assignment, I would say they are fully aware of the standards but the charter school seemed to be more prepared in using them while the public school was still trying to figure out how to implement them. This is going to have to be changed by consistent training to assist those schools who have ill prepared staff.