CSG-Latin Stems Study

new unit

Latin Stems

Today we began a new unit in CSG. In this unit we will learn a bit about the culture, history, and geography of Ancient Rome. We will be focus on Latin as the building blocks for much of our language. We will discuss Roman architecture as a metaphor for language-stems build language as blocks and arches build great buildings. The students were very engaged today as we discuss ancient vs. modern times and started learning about Roman architecture. I look forward to this unit.

Powerful key to vocabulary building:

Michael Clay Thompson, an educator of the gifted and author says, “Learning the 100 most common Latin and Greek stems in the English language gives you access to at least 5,000 words. This is the fast-track, the power-path, to a strong vocabulary…infinitely more powerful than learning one word at a time.”

Shannon Hunt

AIG Specialist

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