Legalization of Sports Gambling

This is meant to convince you to support Sports Gambling.

My personal opinion

Illegal sports betting is just another way to make criminals rich, like Prohibition America. Sports betting will happen regardless of regulations or laws, so why not let the government get more cash in the budget.


The sports gambling community has raised an estimated $400 billion dollars this year. If the government hired bookies to handle government regulated gambling on sports, they could keep a percentage.

Pros and Cons

Economic Impact

Every time a gambler wins the sports bet, the government would have to pay out the desired amount. If enough people win, this could hurt the economy in a negative way. Although if there is a majority of people losing, there is a large profit margin that could be

larger than the $400 billion made last year.


  • The government could use the profit to put towards education or health insurance.
  • Government regulated gambling could protect citizens from theft or fraud.
  • And it happens anyway, so why not regulate it so criminals do not have all of the profit.

Cons said by politicians

  • It ruins the Integrity of sports
  • It may mean crime, addiction and a cost to taxpayers