Cellular Water USA

Come & Ride The 5 Best Water Attractions



Is your family in the room? If not, get them. We have a brand new water park, just for you and your family, named the Cellular Water USA. If your interested, read about the 5 main attractions we have. And enjoy your visit.

The RiBoSoMe

The biggest water ride in the park, state, country, world. Really? Yes, really. I have been on it, best time of my life. Twist, Turns, Leaps, Water, and so much more. (The ribosome is the part of the cell that manufactures.)

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The Cell Membrane

The Kiddy Zone, that's right kid's, listen up. We want you to have fun too. Come to the fun rides but small enough for any age. We want your kids to experience what it's like and what it's like is FUN! So come come let your kid have fun. ( The Cell Membrane is the protection of the Cell)


Are you right in the middle? Well you tweenagers. Get ready, the sort of, kind of, scary stuff. The best one is called the TWEEN. It's awesome! A straight slide down. Wait What! Yup that's right 1,000 fight high, a straight slide down. ( holds organelles and place for chemical reactions)
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Some might call it the lazy river, is there much more to say other then RELAX!

( The power house of the cell(Energy))


We didn't forget about you adults listen up. The bar in the pool? And a couples relaxing pool come come an d have fun. ( The part of the cell that controls it)

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Join Us Having Fun

We have fun so you will too. There is a part of fun for everyone. Let's do this