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Mid-Week of January 4, 2016

Career Day is Coming! We Need More Speakers

Career Day, Friday, January 15, will bring to a close our College Week, which runs from January 11th through the 15th. If you have friends or family who you think would be great for Career Day, please let Brandi know.
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Very Important Attendance Information

In addition to remembering to be timely with attendance, please take a moment after morning announcements to gather notes from parents concerning absences and/or changes in dismissal and send a student to the office with them.

Rasor's Vision

The vision of Rasor Elementary is to inspire our students to be lifelong learners and empower them to meet the challenges of the future, adapt to change, and exercise critical judgment, becoming global citizens capable of utilizing tomorrow's resources and technology responsibly.

Motto: Educate for success, inspiring excellence.
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Deadline for Read to a Million - Friday, January 15

The deadline is fast approaching. Pull out all the stops to help kiddos reach their goal!


  • Remember to have students stack chairs at the end of every day! This helps the custodians out tremendously.
  • A survey will be sent out shortly on how we want this semester afternoons to run. This will not be a voting survey, but asking for your overall ideas and opinions.
  • Yesterday, we (Zack and Staci) had a wonderful discussion with Laurie Taylor (Executive director of Elementary Services) and Margaret Dyer (Elementary LA coordinator). We are asking you to start keeping notes on your ideas about the curriculum, in particular delivery of Tier II and Tier III services, such as: Comprehension Tool Kit, Words Their Way, and fluency. We will have an opportunity to share these notes with them.
  • The students do such amazing work under your teaching, let's start showing it off by displaying their work on the grade level hallway walls. Oh my goodness! They do such great work. Let's brag on them by hanging it up...This will be a discussion point during the next team leader meeting.
  • For Open House this year, the theme will be writing. Let's start working up ideas for their writing topics.
  • If you know of a student who would be benefit from a mentor, please turn their name into Brandi.
  • We have not had a spot light or a good book in a while. Let's start bragging on each other and the kids.
  • Please join PTA...

Important Dates for the Week - Lots going on!!!

  • Thursday, January 7 - Vertical Meetings; Staci out in the morning and Zack out in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday, January 12 - Science Fair
  • Tuesday, January 12 - Team Meetings with Zack. Staci is out.
  • Wednesday, January 13 - Principal Meeting
  • Thursday, January 14 - Team Leader Meeting (Longer one than normal. Sorry.)
  • Thursday, January 14 - Math Night 6:00-7:00
  • Friday, January 15 - Career Day
  • Friday, January 15 - Last Day for Million Minute Campaign
  • Monday, January 18 - MLK Holiday

Coffee announcement!

If you drink coffee, please bring in a large container and/or $10. Just let Kathleen know what you have brought.

Lounge Warming "Party"

Now is a good time to clean out your kitchen! Thanks in advance for helping us restock the kitchen! We are in need of the following items:

  • Coffee mugs
  • Glasses
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Silverware

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Rasor Elementary

Rasor Elementary, with the community, will give us a safe, caring place to learn and reach our dreams.