Snowball and Leon:The Rise and Fall

Created by Alexis Orozco

Who were they?

Snowball seemed to be the next in command with the way he was leading on the new Animal Farm. It originally was Manor Farm but once Mr. Jones (their old Farmer) was run off by Snowballs fellow comrades, the pigs took over and declared that the land would be called Animal Farm. Ran by animals only. Snowball immediately had a a big impact on the new farm. He helped the farm prosper and had great ideas to help innovate the way the farm functioned. Someone was power thirsty though, and it wasn't Snowball. It was one of his comrades, specifically Napoleon. He wanted to make sure that he became the next ruler. The only logical way to do that in his eyes was to run him off. He exiled him by ordering his dogs to chase him off. They nipped at his heels and barked until he ran into the bushes, off the property and was never to be seen again.

Now, on to Leon Trotsky:

Snowball represents Leon because after Tsar Nicholas the 2nd (represented by Mr. Jones) passed, someone had to take his position. Leon seemed to be the one to rise to that position becuase of his ways of leading. Joshep Stalin (represented by Napoleon) wanted to become the one in power so he exiled and eventually killed Leon.