Best Place Is Texas

By Hayden Dozier

About Texas

Texas is gained its own independence in 1845 December 29. Texas's nickname is "The Lone Star State ". Texas joined the United States in 1845. They fought in the Alamo but lost, they put up a good fight though .

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Some Main people that went to Texas

The Republic of Texas

Cattle Routes and Rivers

.The potter Bacon Trail in 1883

.Red Rivers

.Good Night Loving Trail 1866

.Rio Grande

.Western Trail 1874

.Colorado River

.Chisholm Trail 1867

.Pecos River

.Shawnee (Texas) Trail 1840

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Amount of land received by people

The amount of land a man can receive is 640 acres

A slave can get 80 acres

The women get 320

Kids get 160

Supplies to Survive and Prosper

Some supplies they needed to survive is Guns. They traded food for land or some silverware or pots for food or oil.


Colonist have 2 years after buying land to settle in. That means live there for 2 years before you can buy land.

You are exempt from taxes for 6 years.