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Now that Halloween is upon us, and a blanket of snow has greeted us, we can think about activities to do while we're in classrooms and can't be outside. There are several ways that we can incorporate technology into a Halloween-themed lesson. We can do this with designing pumpkins, or shifting a regular classroom activity to include pumpkins. Each of the lesson ideas below can be quickly inserted into lesson plans to celebrate the day, all the while still adhering to aligning with certain standards for the curriculum.

PBS Kids Halloween

The PBS Kids Halloween collection has some terrific Halloween-themed lessons, activities, and interactives for students.Most of the activities are geared towards students who are PreK-5, but there are some that could be stretched a little further. From math activities to lessons on the origin of Halloween, this site is a neat one to check out for quick activities.

Ghost Typing

Typing is just as important an activity on any regular day as it is on Halloween. But, ABCYa has developed a program called "Ghost Typing" that allows students to not only practice their typing, but receive Halloween-themed words. The student mst type the words before the ghost fully appears. It seems to reflect how fast words are being typed as well, so students who are not as strong with their typing skills can still have some fun, play the game, and score some points!

Build a Pumpkin in Google Slides

My favorite activity to do for Halloween is the Build a Jack-o-Lantern in Slides activity developed by Eric Curts. For this activity, students are presented with a blank pumpkin and a text box on the first slide. Then, on the next few slides, are parts that can be used to design their pumpkin. Once finished, they can write about their Jack-o-Lantern, by giving it a name, a personality, and maybe even telling you why their pumpkin is designed the way it was! This activity is great for all levels. I even had much success with it in my 7th grade classes last year!

Halloween Magnetic Poetry

Growing up, you probably rearranged magnetic letters on a fridge a time or two. But, Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning, has created that activity in a digital sense for you to use with her Halloween Magnetic Poetry. In the Slides template, there are over 100 pre-made words related to Halloween. Students will then drag and drop them in the space provided to make poems. Try this out with you students, as this activity has the potential to reach students at several grade levels!

Halloween Math

A cool game to play to review several different math concepts is Halloween Math. In it, students can select from the four major math components: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once selected, students are presented with a math problem on the screen. They are to then use the arrow keys to move a ghost left or right to catch the correct pumpkin (number) in the bucket. However, stay away from the bats that fall, so you don't decrease your lives! This would be an engaging "finish early" activity for students to try!

Freeze Rows in Sheets

If you've ever wanted to freeze rows in Sheets, you know you can select the row and then select Freeze > 1 Row. But, you can grab the "Skeleton Hand" (keeping with the Halloween theme) and drag it to where you want to freeze. Simply hover slightly below the letters up above or the numbers on the side until the"hand" appears. Click, hold, and drag that over, let go, and you have now easily frozen that row or column much more efficiently than if you would have gone through the dropdown mens!

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