Morning Notes

Wednesday 18 November, 2015

Did you know its anti-bullying week?

Click this link to watch a video on anti-bullying week and see how you could get involved on social media.

Today is Picture Day!

Today NiceSmile will be taking Halcyon’s official school photographs. These will include individual pictures of students and grade groups.

Please see the schedule here.

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Grade 8 and 9 Science

Grade 8 science will be in B01 Periods 1 and 2. Also, Grade 9 science will be in M02 Periods 5 and 6.

Today's PE with Mr Costa

Grade 7x period 6 and 7 moved to second floor space.

Thursday MUN Club Delegates

Dear Delegates,

This is a reminder to please consider and bullet point three possible clauses / contributions your country could make to a resolution on the "Question of combating gender inequality in education".

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your chairs Rachel or Alexi.

Drama Club Rehearsals

Wednesday 18 November: Ellery, Anne-Marie, Dada, Javier, Manuel, Alex, Izzy in Council Room

Thursday 19 November: Octavia, Cosmo, Grade 9 girls

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School Lockers

This is a reminder that students are responsible to lock their own locker as the school cannot be held responsible for items that may be removed from lockers left open. Please check with Laura to see if we still have locks available for £1 (which will go to charity) or please bring in your own locks.

Winter Dance!

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Lunch clubs

Learning Space in B01

HalcyonBeats in T01

Off campus

Grades 7 and 11.

Mother tongue


Fra, Italian in S01

Period 5

Isla, Swedish in F03

Piano Lessons


Jonah Kramer in F04


Anne-Marie Stumpff in F04

After School Activities

Homework Club in the Hub

GIN Club

Table Tennis in the Goldschmid Hall

Drama Club in the second floor space

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Today's lunch menu

Main Dish Option One

Eggs, savoury potatoes, roasted mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, muffins

Main Dish Option Two

French toast with maple syrup

Main Dish Option Three

Tuscan bean soup

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Halloumi, chickpea and mint salad

Tabbouleh salad

Potato salad

Hard boiled eggs


Seasonal fruits

How was your lunch this week?

Please take a moment to complete this survey on what you like and sharing with us your ideas on how we can improve.

We highly value your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you!