The Quaker State

Pennsylvania Regions

Pennsylvania has a vast amount of land reigns; 7 in total. At Lake Erie, there are 57 miles of coastal plains. The Appellation mountains pass through from the southwest to the northwest of Pennsylvania. Also in the Quaker State there are 2 types of plateaus: the Appellation plateaus and the Allegheny plateaus. The final region is the low lands. There is only one major lowland in Pennsylvania.
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Pennsylvania is known for its milk; there are a total of 9 dairy producers in Pennsylvania. Oats are the second most popular thing produced in Pennsylvania. In the state there are a total of 7 oat farms. The third most popular thing produced in Pennsylvania is poultry. There are 6 poultry farms in the state.

Places to visit

In Pennsylvania there are a lot of places to visit. One of the most popular is Independence Hall. In Philadelphia you can visit the original Liberty Bell. Another place to visit is Gettysburg Military National Park. The graves are of confederate solders who lost their lives during the Civil War.

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Natural Resources

In the mountains of Pennsylvania there are a lot of resources that can be extracted in to good use. For example, coal is the most thing extracted from the mountains of Pennsylvania. There are a total of 7 coal mines in Pennsylvania. It is not just coal extracted there are other resources too, like limestone. Also, limestone is the second most thing pulled out of the ground; there are 4 limestone mines in the state. Right next to limestone is crude oil; there are 4 crude oil pumps in Pennsylvania.

Fast facs

  • Pennsylvania is known for its milk
  • The original name was going to be Sylvania (means "woods")
  • State Flower: Mountain laurel
  • Tree: Hemlock
  • State Insect: Firefly
  • It is the second state of the United States
Time Lapse Erie Pennsylvania

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