Arab-Israeli Conflict

My Way to Solve It

What is the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

The Arab-Israeli Conflict is a fight that has been going on for about 3,000 years now.

The Jews had a piece of land they named Judea. Unfortunately the Romans came and conquered Judea later renaming it Palestine. After that the Arabians came along and

conquered Palestine but deciding to keep the name.

The Jews had something called The Zionist Movement that supported the Jews and their religious beliefs. The Zionist Movement supported the Jews and helped them take back Judea (Palestine). They completely ignored the fact that the Arabian people were already there. The Arabs were really angry and rioted against the Jews, preventing them from gaining access to Palestine.

Meanwhile the British were trying move the Jews to Palestine to keep them safe from Hitler, who was currently trying to kill them

My Steps

1st step

The first thing I would do would be to talk to both sides and maybe come to an agreement with both sides.

2nd Step

The next thing I would do, would be to make them admit what they did was wrong, pretty much convince them.

3rd Step

After that I would tell them to share the land half and half, that way their lives would be so much easier.

4th Step

If they agreed

- I would thank them for agreeing

if they didn't agree

- I would explain to the Arab and Palestinians that the Jews needed a place to stay and were migrating from England

5th Step

Since both sides blame the other and won't apologize. I doubt my plan would work but pretty much my plan would be to cooperate with one another and maybe find two people in the two groups that were friends and let them lead so they would get along better

6th step

If that didn't work I would try to get them to see how much they both had in common