Emma Roche and Bre Yano

Brief Discription:

Extremely rare, progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly.

Type of disorder:

Progeria is a genetic disorder and is autosomal recessive.


-Visible veins

-Hair loss, including eyelashes and eyebrows

-Stiff joints

-Hearing loss

-High pitched voice

Average age of onset:

18-24 months old

*Progeria is mostly seen in females*


-Physical and occupational therapy to help bone and hip problems

-Low-dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes

-Pull out primary teeth to prevent over crowding

How it affects a person's Life

-Die by 13 years old at average, but some die younger or live up to 20 years old

-Can only eat small meals at a time

-Have to wear sunscreen every two hours

What scientists and geneticists are doing now to help

-Studying genes and diseases

-Test drugs for treatment