Bronco Chronicles

Volume 18, Week 1/16-1/20

Lead Learner's Message

Goooooood evening #BroncoStrong faulty and staff. The twentieth week of school has been totally awesome! The kids seem to be settling into the semester, which is a good thing. Our enrollment it at 226, up from 218 on December 16th. I bet we have more students coming our way.

This week our Core Value winners were recognized and we were able to get back on our weekly Team Time schedule. In addition, Mrs. Bufkin's Team Time class enjoyed pizza today for winning the attendance competition and Mrs. Boles class enjoyed their popcorn for getting 2nd place. I hope the kiddos enjoyed the 3rd six weeks BJH video as much as I enjoyed making the video.

The testing season is upon us, and we are about to get busier with each passing day. I am sure you are saying, "how is that humanly possible", but if you have been in education long enough, you know what I am talking about. Although we have to stay focused and prepare our kids for the upcoming STAAR test, please keep working hard to also create those inspiring "life changing lessons" we have been discussing from our Teach Like a Pirate book study.

Now have a restful weekend and make sure to make the upcoming week count! Don't forget to stay #BroncoStrong!


Optimism pass it on

Upcoming Events

1. 1/23, BB Boys take on Eastland starting at 5pm

2. 1/23, BB Girls travel to start at 5:30pm

3. 1/24 Intervention Team Meeting at lunch in the conference room (if you must attend, you received an invite)

4. A teacher leadership team will leave for the Middle School Matters Conference in Austin on 1/26

5. TELPAS writing samples will start being collected on Feb. 13th.....expect communication from Mrs. Jones and myself regarding TELPAS procedures and expectations

6. 2/1 is the 100th day of school - please encourage kids to wear neon colors because they are "100 Days BRIGHTER!"

To Do List

1. Make sure you have implemented a word wall in your classroom. Please make sure the wall includes the word and a picture for each essential vocabulary term. (see me if you have questions)

2. This may seem silly, but I need EACH teacher to email me the name of their favorite book from when they were young. Please include a picture of the book cover.

3. Email me a short blurb about why that was your favorite book. In addition, send me your favorite picture of yourself now and in junior high. (please trust me on these requests)

4. If you haven't sent me the answers to the questions from last week's Bronco Chronicles, please do so. You are not required to share, but I would appreciate it so very much.

5. Sign up to work the dance if you haven't done so....See Mrs. Sally.


The JH photo was of Mrs. Mayo.....great job Mrs. Escalon! She claimed a set of dry erase markers as her prize.

Being Selfless

I know you are probably thinking I am crazy for embedding so many videos, but please watch this when you can. I will warn you though, have a tissue in hand. This is such a touching video that speaks to the selfless character of teachers. Additionally, it will make you think about the importance of literacy and how it is truly life changing.

I hope you enjoy this brief video.....I sure did.

Backstory: Alferd Williams

Philosophy of a Happy Life

This is 12 min and 45 seconds, but it is so worth it. This kiddo truly mastered the gain / loss frame conundrum. I love it when he says, "the music we make together is true, its genuine and it supersedes progeria." This is such a powerful statement, and it speaks to the power of a collective group with a common goal and vision.
My philosophy for a happy life | Sam Berns | TEDxMidAtlantic