TARA RADFORD 4th of July 2003


Mum: Ann-Maree Radford

Dad : Geoff Radford

Brother: Mitchell radford

Most Amazing Achievement

Tara Radford got into regionals for both swimming and running she got into regionals for 50m breast stroke and 200m sprit running. She got swimming age champion at her school.

The Journey

Tara Radford had been swimming training since 2014. She Swims at bergman's swim school and that has helped her achieve her goal. Tara Radford did little athletics at Helensvale but now doesn't go there. She does touch football and that has helped her with her running. All of her coaches have trained her very well they all have had a very big impact on her achievements.


Jubilee Primary School



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Home and Parents

Tara lives in Pacific Pines, Queensland, Australia. Previously she lived in Oxenford and before that she lived in Guanaba Australia.

Parents : Tara Radford mum is from Toowamba and her dad is from St George

Most Interesting Storys

Tara Radford went to America in 2013 for a holiday. When she was in America with her cousins, when they were they were going to sleep the fire alarm went off. They went crazy the family starting running down the fire stair with two baby cousins. When they got to the bottom the hotel people said it was a false alarm and her mum was not happy because they were on the thirty-six floor of the hotel. But at least they got some exercise.

Tara Radford went to America in 2011 they were staying at the golden nugget in las vegas. They have a water slide that goes through a shark tank. Tara Radford and her brother were going to go on it but when they were going up the stairs Tara slipped and fell on her head. Her brother just stood and looked at her not doing anything . Then you hear this scream from her mum. the hotel called an ambulance and took her to the hospital luckily she just had a big lump on her head.

When Tara was 18 months old she was doing swimming lessons and her mum was doing laps in the lane beside her. When her mum had finished swimming she went upstairs to watch her swim. Tara was sitting on the step and fell in the pool. The swimming teacher was not watching her. When her mum saw her she screamed at the teacher to get her. The teacher got her from under the water she was breathing but she was on the bottom of the pool for awhile. The next day her mum took hear back to swimming.