Last week of Quarter 2 - Finals Week

Weekly Events

Semester Exam Schedule

1st Period: 8:30 – 9:06

2nd Period (EXAM): 9:10 – 10:40

3rd Period: 10:44 – 11:15

4A Lunch: 11:15 – 11:55

4A Class: 11:59 – 12:41

4B Class: 11:19 – 12:01

4B Lunch: 12:01 – 12:41

5th Period (EXAM): 12:45 – 2:15

6th Period: 2:19 – 2:55


Monday, January 11: 1/2/3/4/5/6 (Exams is 2 and 5)

7:40AM – Leadership meeting, room 206

Please show the expectations video (on Ridgewood Hub or below) during the beginning of 1st period & hand out ID Badges.

Winter Dance tickets on sale $10 @ lunches

7:30PM – Girls BB vs. Jordan Christian

Tuesday, January 12: 2/1/3/4/6/5 (Exams in 1 and 6)

Wednesday, January 13: 1/3/2/5/4/6 (Exams in 3 and 4)

6:00PM – Girls BB @ FHS

Thursday, January 14: Regular Schedule – Make Up Day

Last day of quarter 3

6pm Girls' Bball vs. GHS

Friday 1/15

No school – Teacher Planning Day - If you are using comp time, you must let your supervising administrator know and turn in your tickets to Cathy.

6pm Girls' Bball vs. WCHS

Boys' Bball @ WCHS

Boys' Soccer @ Hernando HS

Saturday 1/16

Cheerleading Regionals @ Flagler High School, Daytona

Monday 1/18

No School - MLK Jr Day



Winter Spirit Week - Pep Rally on 1/22 (AM Activity Schedule)

Saturday 1/23

7:00PM – Winter Wonderland Dance, Gym

During the 1st period on Monday, please show this Expectation Refresh Video.


AVID Weekly - College & Career Readiness

AVID College Readiness System

The AVID College Readiness System is implemented at the elementary, secondary, and higher education levels. Though it operates as a system, each part may be implemented independently depending on a district’s needs.

AVID Elementary (K-6, K-8) teaches students fundamental learning, study and academic behavioral skills. It is a foundational component of the AVID System designed to be embedded into the daily instruction of all elementary classrooms, including combined K-8 schools. AVID’s strategies and philosophy of educational opportunities for all students are threaded throughout the instructional day, across grade levels, and ultimately across sites.

AVID Secondary (grades 7-12) develops learning, study and academic behavioral skills that are essential to success in rigorous coursework. It acts as a catalyst for schools to develop a culture of college readiness for all students across the campus. In the AVID Elective class, students receive daily instruction and support to prepare them for college from a trained AVID Elective teacher. AVID impacts students schoolwide as academic strategies like writing to learn, inquiry, collaboration, organizational skills, and critical reading (WICOR) are taught in all classes by teachers who have been trained to use AVID strategies in their specific content areas.

AVID for Higher Education is comprised of three initiatives: Student Success Initiative, Teacher Preparation Initiative, and the Career and Technical Workforce Initiative. AVID for Higher Education works with postsecondary institutions to support students with the goal of increasing academic success, persistence, and completion rates in the Student Success Initiative. Colleges of education use the AVID Teacher Preparation Initiative to provide teacher candidates with AVID frameworks, methodologies, and strategies so that they enter the teaching field able to meet a broad spectrum of students’ needs. The Career and Technical Education Initiative collaborates with colleges to increase student persistence and completion of degree and certificate programs, and help graduates be successful in the workplace.

Career Readiness

It is estimated that by the year 2020, two-thirds of all jobs will require some level of postsecondary education. AVID prepares students for 21st century careers each day by providing the academic and behavioral skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Organization, time management, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving are strong components of the AVID System. AVID includes career exploration in its secondary curriculum, develops partnerships with organizations to help students find pathways to careers, and supports and prepares students in degree and certificate programs to be successful in the workforce.

Next week…. An in-depth look at the AVID Secondary program.

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