Ethiopia and Eritrea Conflict

By: Rupa, Christina, and Maddie

Origin of The Conflict

The ethnic conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea originated with Ethiopia discriminating against Eritrea. When Eritrea was awarded to Ethiopia by the UN, it was expected of Ethiopia to give them the freedom to have their own legislation. Unfortunately, Ethiopia took total control of Eritrea and banned their major language, Tigrinya. This pushed Eritrea to fight for their independence. The conflict became very violent once Eritrea rebelled.

Our Opinion

It is our steadfast believe that Ethiopia is hypocrital and what they're doing is very wrong. Considering Ethiopia itself had once been ruled by others, they should allow Eritrea to govern themselves. No one likes being taken advantage of thus Ethiopia should've let Eritrea run their own affairs. It's basic knowledge that taking away someone's rights leads to rebellion.

Spatial Extent and People Affected

  • During the civil war, an estimated 665,000 Eritreans took refuge in Sudan. This can be seen as forced migration as the Eritreans had no choice but to flee their home in order to survive.
  • An estimated 100,000 people died fighting in the war.
  • The war mainly took place in Ethiopia and Eritrea adding onto the conflicts of the Horn of Africa
  • Millions of dollars were spent buying weapons for the war resulting in the economies of both countries severely damaged. Ethiopia and Eritrea were already 2 of the poorest countries in the world to begin with.
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  • The Civil war started in 1961 and ended in 1991 (30 year fight for independence).

  • Disputes over the location of the border started in 1998 and ended in 2000 with Ethiopia taking over the disputed areas.

  • As the years go by we believe the tension between Ethiopia and Eritrea will seize to exist in view of the fact that there has been slow progress towards a conclusion. The civil war is over and the dispute remaining is over the border. From this one can conclude that pretty soon there will not be any more fighting and that Eritrea can freely speak Tigrinya.

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How the Conflict Has Been Manifested

This conflict has been portayed through violence. Ethiopians had attacked Eritrean troops numerous times without legitimate reasons. Despite Eritreans never crossing the official border, Ethiopia still attacked them. As of now Ethiopia has control over southwestern and southeastern Eritrea.

The Conflict at a Global, Regional, and Local Scale

There is no global scale for the rest of the world had not been affected by the conflict. The local scale is that 2 people from opposing sides cannot interact with each other. And within their own regions people live in fear, unable to carry out daily tasks. The regional scale had also not been affected, as the conflict is an inner conflict. Due to the conflict being local, we believe that Ethiopia should allow Eritrea to run their own affairs and allow for the use of Tigrinya. There should be equal respect among both groups for both groups.
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