Yellowstone National Park

By: Maggie Schlachter

The History Of Yellowstone

Yellowstone was the first national park in the United States. Congress declared it a national park on May 1st, 1872. The main reason that congress declared Yellowstone a national park was to preserve the wildlife, and show the exciting geothermic features of the area. In 1988 a fire burned down 36% of the national park. Repairing the park took $120,000,000.
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Native American Association

Native Americans lived on the Yellowstone Plateau until the early 1800s. The native americans lived hunting, fishing, and using geysers to wash clothing and bathe.


The average temperature in Yellowstone is 33.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The annual rainfall level is 20.38 inches.


At Yellowstone, the park has many activities for all seasons. During the winter, the park provides ice fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling. During the nicer seasons, the park offers scenic trips, fishing, biking, hiking, and boating.


  • Old faithful erupts every 91 minutes
  • Yellowstone contains 1 jail