Specialist Newsletter

Endeavour Elementary - Week 9

Welcome to Week 9!

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend and had some good family time! Below is a recap of the activities required for PE and Music. Optional Library materials are at the bottom. Please reach out to your child's specialist teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Health and Fitness Update with Mrs. Skogstad and Mrs. Marsh

Weekly Update with Mrs. Skogstad

Hello Families, I am posting a weekly activity every Friday in Seesaw & on my website: Mrs Skogstad’s PE Website. This gives families a head start on the weekend to do fitness together!

This week: In Seesaw, please select class: PE-your grade & Teacher- in top left corner. Then select activities for the “SKILL Related Fitness Component” weekly log posted. I would like to hear back from you 1 time during the week responding to the fitness log & answering any quick fitness questions I might ask. *Tell Mrs. Skogstad which SKILL-Related Fitness Component you worked on the most this week.

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Students can post on their class PE seesaw page by Friday May 29th or email me what you did: skogstads2@issaquah.wednet.edu

Reminder: If you are working on completing: The MAY Monthly Fitness Calendar: turn in by the end of this week!

Week 9 Update with Mrs. Marsh

Hello Jaguars! It is the last week of May! Wow! If by chance, you haven’t been keeping track of you Move-It Minutes you can turn in your May fitness log. On Friday, I will be posting the new and final June fitness log on my website. It that crazy?

Again, I want to make sure that our lessons are simple for you and your parents to monitor. Once a week on Friday, I will be assigning you your weekly assignment through Seesaw. You can choose to simply write me and let me know how you have been doing to stay active, fill in activity sheet and show me through email or post to seesaw, or fill out your monthly fitness log. You DO NOT have to do all three just choose what works best for YOU. It can be riding your scooter, bike, walking with your family, or as simple as playing in your back yard. You can access this through Seesaw and my Website. MarshE@issaquah.wednet.edu. Thanks so much for all you are doing and I hope you are doing well and staying healthy.

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Music Update with Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Caulton

Music with Mrs. Murphy

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend!

This week we are exploring the music of Canada!

To find this week’s materials, click on Mrs. Murphy’s Website, find your grade level, and scroll down! Watch the introductory videos, and then choose 2-3 of the provided activities to explore the Music of Canada.

Email me or contact me with Seesaw and tell me about what you learned about the music of Canada this week! You can even send me a picture or a video clip of you interacting with the materials! Reach me at murphyc@issaquah.wednet.edu!

Don’t forget, if you finish this week’s activities and want to keep exploring music, you can find many more enrichment activities for all grades on my website. You can even login to Quaver through Clever to access the Student Portal and explore countless music related games, compositions, and activities!

Music Update with Ms. Caulton

Greetings from Ms. Caulton in the virtual music room!

2nd and 4th graders study the science of sound.

  • Learn what “good vibrations” have to do with music (apologies to the Beach Boys).
  • See how waves communicate pitch and dynamics (and you don’t need to get wet!).
  • Observe the physics of sound when instruments are played in slo-mo.
  • Take the quiz and find out in next week's newsletter if you were a high scorer.
  • And for 4th graders who didn't launch last week's lesson on rock music, you might want to give it a try (4th_week8). Your classmates composed some pretty great rock songs!

CLICK HERE to access Clever.

  • Then log into Quaver.
  • From the Assignments section of the dashboard, launch 2nd week 9 OR 4th week 9

Library Update with Mrs. Skosky

Breakout Update!

A really awesome 5th grader emailed me last week after reading the newsletter to let me know that Breakout EDU is having LIVE games each day at 11 AM. If you enjoyed the puzzles and games from last week, feel free to check out this website below! A new game happens every day and there are even prizes!

Mango Languages with KCLS Student Accounts

Many people are using this time stuck at home to try new things and skills. Maybe you are learning to bake, growing a garden, etc. Or how about learning a new language??? In my first Specialist newsletter, I discussed that all students have library online accounts through King County Library System. This allows students to check out ebooks and audiobooks. A third component is Databases including Mango Languages. This allows students to learn a language at their own pace and what interests them! Follow the steps below if interested!

Step 1:

Click on the link above! Feel free to bookmark this page for future use.

Step 2:

Scroll down and click on the first box titled: Need Sources such as Databases for your Homework for Project?
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Step 3:

Scroll down through the databases until you get to Mango Languages (databases are listed in alphabetical order). Feel free to check out other available Databases as well!
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Step 4:

Logging in! This has been the tricky part for students when we have done this in library.

The Library Account = 411 and then the students ID number - all together (i.e. 4117654321)

PIN or Password = the last four digits of the students ID number -Using the example above that would be = 4321

Student's ID number can be found on Skyward if you are not sure what it is.

Please email me if you have any questions!

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Thanks for Reading!