The Learning Environment

Everything in a Child's Education

Education with Classroom Management

A child's education is determined by three factors known as the teacher, student and family. All three factors are crucial to whether the child has a successful or poor education. An organization aspect, classroom management, is part of all three education factors. Classroom management is the difference between an effective and an ineffective teacher. Classroom management is getting the student excited and motivated in learning. Classroom management is communication in the classroom and at home with family. Classroom management is critical in every aspect of a child's education.

Technology in the Classroom

I believe that the ipad apps and other technology resources available in today's society are tremendous resources to use in the classroom and to help guide students. Technology should not take the place of the lesson but rather be used as a guide to assist during the lesson. Teachers should incorporate technology regularly in the classroom because it gets the students excited and motivated in learning. Every student learns differently and using technology in the classroom will help students find the way they learn best.

By Kyle Pomerenke

The P.A.R.C. Principles of Visual Design

Proximity- Related items should be grouped close together.
Alignment- Every visual element on a page should have some kind of connection to at least one other element.
Repetition- Common elements, such as colors, graphics, layout styles, and so on, should be repeated to give a consistent look and feel to a page.
Contrast- The idea of contrast is to make dis-similar elements very different.
TPACK in 3 Minutes