Open Content

Impact on the Individual & Their time & Role in the World

Open Content

Open Content carries out a great part on internet now on days. Many of us have use Open Content and not even realize it. In this E - Book information about Open Content will be provided. Different sub topics will be shown. Also you will learn some advantages of Open Content.

Whats Open Content? OVERVIEW

First of all we must start to introduce Open Content. So whats Open Content?

Well Open Content is any piece that can be modified by any person. This means that you can be part of this.

Open Content is also called MOOC's which stands for massive open online courses.A MOOC costs no fee. In general it is an open site where people can communicate together, do projects, get info, etc. I have read an article about MOOC's and it was very informative. It was talking about how colleges are using MOOC's and explaining it. MOOC's have no fee but you do not get any college credit for going on one either. They are to inform you and interact with people to get new information. It is sort of like an online class. There is no limit to participants, so there can be thousands of students on a MOOC. You enroll to be a part of this specific MOOC. There are many different type of MOOC's like different subjects you could enroll in. It is like a class but online so there are allot of different subjects to enroll in and participate in.

What can I take with Open Content? What does it provide to me?

Well Open Content gives the user several of advantages. This advantages are known as :

  1. REUSE
  3. REMIX


Want a piece of Information? Just ruse it!

Reuse information will help you allot, in any project or homework .


Is there anything wrong?

Feel free to correct anything , not all the work found will be perfect. Revise offers to you a great opportunity to take advantage of any piece of work an to adapt it to your own necessities.


Have something already done? Remix information will give you the chance to adapt any piece of information and by putting together 2 , something new will be done.


Has something new been created?

Feel free to share on the web your new creation/s , be aware that you may have included some information form the web so please be sure to add the disclaimer .

Open Content

Lets put it together!

Open Content

Open content is any work that can be modified by any person any time. Open content is without the restrictions of the owner meaning that the owner is aware that other people is using his material. Open Content includes 4 great advantages. The first advantage is that it can be reuse. This means that anyone with the material is available to reuse the material at any time. The second is to revise. By revising this means that the content can be modified or adapted to the necessities of the editor. The third great advantage is the possibility to remix the content. By remixing the content another user can put some other work into the original work. The last advantage of the open content is the ability to redistribute the work, this will make the user have the opportunity to share the work. Open Content can be found on lots of things. Songs , software , work , etc.. Open Content is a great thing to have since it helps to promote diversity around the people.


The Northrop Grumman Corp and the Lockheed Martin Corp came together to develop high-tech simulations to boost mathematics, technology,science, and engineering for Maryland's Baltimore County school's students by using open content.

The Getty is using Open Content to show their art online without charge.They call it the Getty Search Getaway. They use open content so you can be able to view 10,000 images from the J.Paul Getty Meusem.

Sub Topics...

Originated from some universities making their course content free.

Many universities have implemented several systems to provide content free to any person that is interested. A perfect example is the MOOC. The MOOC is the massive open online course. Prestigious universities like the Udemy, Stanford, and the MIT. Even mobile platforms like iTunes count with this type of systems. On this systems any persons is available to sign up to this programs to learn fro free.

K-12 schools now sharing Open Content

The K - 12 is the best option for public online courses. The K-12 is the biggest online platform. The IQ Arizona is another example of K-12 online schools. This schools will provide content free to its users.

Profound shift in the way students study and learn - How and When

The way in which students are learning its totally different than few years ago. Now on days there are so many options to lar via online. There is a great change in which students can study and learn using smartphones , tablets and any other gadget. Using this new technology students will be able to search various things on the internet. Also a good example is the Flat classroom program since students will able to interact with others all around the world.

Better access to learning (geographical, political, economical etc)

Talking about political open content has a huge impact. Politics use open content to use information on everyday basis.